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So, who am I? Well, I am a Christian who loves digging into God's Word, the Bible. I want to write Bible studies in the vein of Beth Moore. Whether it will be more than just a passion that is used in a local church body or for a wider audience is up to God, and that's totally fine with me. What I want while on this earth is to please God and to bring glory to His Name.

Right now He has me at a newspaper as a copy editor, a job I enjoy and that is different every day. He has blessed me with the most amazing friends and church family.

I adore all things Disney and especially love visiting the Walt Disney World theme parks, which I get to do frequently.

I am a Kentucky native and "bleed blue" as they say, for I love the University of Kentucky's athletics programs.

I am the proud owner of a beautiful black cat, Midnight, who I took in as a stray in 2005. He is a darling and I miss him when I'm at work or out of town.

I used to be a Cincinnati Reds fan, but then they hired Dusty Baker as manager. As long as he is the manager, I will not cheer for the Reds. Instead, I've adopted my second love in baseball, the Chicago White Sox.

I read voraciously, fiction and non-fiction. I've even written a novel. Who knows, I may yet try that again!

I have endured seasons of pain brought on by poor decisions, but I experience the grace of God on a daily basis.

I am a Type-II diabetic; the hardest thing for me to give up was regular Coke. Thankfully, Coca-Cola began making its Zero products; nothing makes me happier than a big, fat glass of Coke Zero.

I am the oldest of two daughters. My sister is a senior in college, studying to become a special ed teacher. I am in awe of her desire to do this, and of the ways God has blessed her to just such a job.

I am weird, and I embrace that.

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